Understanding and Buying Vintage for Professionals.

Decorators and designers have the task of finding the most unique and perfect pieces for their clients.  Learn what to look for, who to deal, how to deal with them and how to get the best quality for the price.  Cut through all the possibilities.

What to collect?

What’s hot on the market today? What will hold and grow it’s value, what won’t.  For yourself or your clients.

What’s it worth?

There is so many different values for one item.  Discussing wholesale, retail, replacement and insurance values.

How to find the best vintage. 

From shopping almost every major show and flea market in the US,  markets in Europe, estate sales, garage sales, private house calls and more.  Where is the BEST place to find pieces.  Get the tips you need to be prepared and make the most of your antique and vintage shopping.

Mixing old with new

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  How to find and incorporate old with new decor!

Family Estate Topics

  • First 5 things you need to do after you find out you have to liquidate the contents of a home.
  • The Psychology of “Stuff”
  • 5 things NOT to do before talking to an estate professional
  • Avoiding family issues in estates.
  • Everything you have isn’t worth a fortune, addressing the “Antiques Roadshow” mentality where everything in the rafters is worth tons of money.

How to buy and sell vintage as a business

Buying and selling vintage 101, how to get started. 

Looking for an extra revenue stream?  Want to switch careers?  Retire and travel the country?  Go through the possibilities and get truthful answers about the business.

How to buy vintage for resale. 

Sourcing vintage.

Setting up a vintage business

What do you need to get started?  Get the tools of the trade and identify the must haves to get started.

Advanced buying and selling

Already on the hunt?  Want to ramp business up to the next level? Learn what’s next.


Melissa Sands has spent 20 years buying and selling all categories of antiques and vintage.  She is an excellent and engaging public speaker with experience.  For booking information please call 847-579-9079.

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